The word "local" isn't some throwaway, marketing term used to drum up feelings of nostalgia.  It's a word that's alive and very much of today. "Local" is the tie that binds our community and it's at the heart of the Birmingham Originals.

Passionate individuals developing locally owned and operated restaurants, each with its own unique flavor and flair, propel Birmingham's robust food scene. Whether upscale or down-home, these restaurants are driven by a desire to offer top-notch dining to homegrown patrons and visitors alike.

The Birmingham Originals believes an energized and independent restaurant community makes our city a better place to live—and not just because of the food. The dollars spent in local restaurants stay in Birmingham, providing economic growth, which, in turn, allows local restaurants to support, among other things, vital local charities and cultural programs.

We hope that you'll join our efforts to continue making Birmingham a great city and a source of pride for residents and visitors—one plate at a time.


  • Increase awareness of our unique regional flavors, locally produced food, and celebrate our contributions and interaction within the community.
  • Grow the scope, scale, and philanthropic reach of Breakin' Bread, our annual fundraising festival featuring food, wine, and local beer.
  • Develop website and social media platforms to provide connection points for members and community.
  • Strengthen the city's standing as a regional culinary hub known for food and hospitality.
  • Participate in regional culinary events and festivals.
  • Increase participation and involvement of the local restaurants and community partners.
  • Increase public awareness of the contributions made by local restaurants in support of local charities and fostering community development.
  • Establish a preferred referral service list for Birmingham Originals members to create "buying power" for products, services, etc.