Phone: (205) 637-3036
Address: 610 Preserve Parkway, Suite 100

Vecchia Pizzeria & Mercato is an authentic Neapolitan pizzeria and market in the heart of the Preserve in Hoover, Alabama! 

Vecchia’s mission is all about love! As anyone who has grown up Italian can tell you, family and food cannot be separated. Big, loud, happy family meals are times to remember and cherish. Everyone is welcome and accepted at the table. Family and friends alike are served authentic Italian food. The food is as much a part of the experience as the conversation and laughter is. At Vecchia, we’ve worked hard to create the same feel in every aspect of our restaurant. Everyone, young and old, has a place at the table. 

The word “Vecchia” means “old” in Italian – which represents our approach to everything we do, but especially pizza-making. The old ways have been perfected to an art, and respecting that tradition means every meal at Vecchia has a richness and depth you can’t find just anywhere. Authentic, old-world techniques and recipes are woven into the Vecchia experience. 

We start with our passion - real pizza made the Italian way. We’ve studied the art of pizza making from the best, and we have taken those traditions to heart. We use San Marzano tomatoes for our sauce, and our dough is freshly made in-house daily.  Our pizzaioli (pizza makers) have learned how to create and toss a perfect crust that is a thing of beauty. Simple, healthful ingredients go into our food. The produce is locally sourced whenever possible to bring you the freshest taste possible. Once the pizza is assembled, it 
goes into one of our brick ovens. These beauties were handmade in Italy from bricks made from the soil around Mount Vesuvius. A pizza fired in one of our ovens perfectly crisps up in about 90 seconds.

This tradition based approach to excellence doesn’t stop with pizza. Our ingredients are a mixture of Italian ingredients and local produce that come together for just the right feel of freshness and old-world charm. We’ve got real Italian pasta, sandwiches, salads, and a sweet shop and café for your espresso fix. There’s something for any palette on the menu. And of course, any great meal is incomplete until it is paired with the perfect beverage! 

We’ve got a fantastic selection of craft beers, including several local favorites. We offer growlers for the table and to take home from the market. We’ve also got a selection of regional Italian wines that varies by the season. Our staff can help you pick the perfect match for your meal. We’ve also got wine and beer flights so that the adventurous can explore our menu.  

Even our atmosphere is all about togetherness. The casual warm atmosphere is great for families and sophisticates alike. Our large, European style tables are great for getting to know one another or bringing a crowd. We’ve got a spacious, beautiful patio overlooking the Preserve in Hoover for those who want an outdoor experience. 

For those who would rather stay home, our market makes it easy for you to bring a taste of Italy home with you. Pick up a growler, a bottle of wine, and a few pizzas on the way home and watch. You’ll bring a smile to everyone’s face. 

Our favorite nights at Vecchia are Saturdays and special events, when we have local bands playing on the patio. The music takes our atmosphere to a whole new level. Dancing, laughter, and the love of family and friends – that’s the passion that we live for at Vecchia!