Phone: (205) 424-9444
Address: 304 N 19th Street

“We feel like the Bright Star is an extension of our home. We eat there at least twice a week and sometimes more. We're greeted warmly and made to feel like the BS really appreciates our business. The food is outstanding - always high quality and delicious. We can't wait to see what the specials are. We been all over the country and the food doesn't compare. The staff stays and that really says something today. They know us a come by to say hello. It's a totally good experience.” - David Johnson, August 2011
Since 1907, The Bright Star restaurant has been serving generations of customers its specialty Greek- style snapper and steak, signature seafood gumbo, luncheon specials, and famous pies. Located in Bessemer, Alabama, the restaurant has a regional following and draws patrons from throughout the Southeast as well as nearby Birmingham. 
The Bright Star's 104 year old existence results from one family's continued commitment to excellent food and service. Family patriarchs Bill and Pete Koikos immigrated from Greece in 1923 and two years later purchased an ownership interest in the restaurant from founder Tom Bonduris. Since 1966, Bill's two sons, Jim and Nick Koikos have owned and operated the business. The Bright Star has experienced remarkable growth, expanding from a 25 seat cafe to a 330 seat restaurant, all without sacrificing quality. In addition the Restaurant was recognized in the United States Congressional Record in 1996 by Senator Howell Heflin for its status as an Alabama landmark and its service to the community. Other awards include:
Winner of the James Beard Award as an American Classic in 2010
Alabama Restaurant of the Year – 2011-2012 by The Alabama Restaurant Association.   
One of America’s best neighborhood restaurants – Bon Appetit 

“Fried Red Snapper Throats” voted one of the 100 Things You Simply Must Eat Before You Die by Garden and Gun