Phone: (205) 879-9292
Address: 1706 Oxmoor Road

Nabeel's Café & Market was conceived in its present form by John and Ottavia Krontiras. They believed very strongly that there should be a place in America for a neighborhood facility, much as they had in their hometowns of Patras in Southern Greece and Trieste in northern Italy. There the whole family could browse in leisure, enjoy a cup of coffee or a cold beverage, shop for the items they desired, and be warmly treated by the shop owner as a person - not just another ticket passing through the checkout stand. 

John and Ottavia and now, Anthony their son, had always envisioned a truly authentic Greek, Italian and Mediterranean establishment and that every dish tasted like home. John, Ottavia and Anthony have based the way they run their establishment on a Greek word known as “Foloxenia” This word stands for friendship and hospitality and the Krontiras family feel that these two things combined with great delicious authentic food is what a great dining experience is all about!
When John, an executive in marketing and information systems and services, lost his job, he realized that there was an unfulfilled need for a place in Birmingham with a family atmosphere. A place where their children and your children would be welcome and safe. As a result, they purchased Nabeel's, an establishment that had served Mediterranean products for over 20 years. The original concept of John and Ottavia, one that turned back the hands of time to quality and thoughtful personal service, is the motivation behind today's Nabeel's. When you return to our store you'll find the same wonderful taste and high quality as you found when you first honored us with your presence. We believe we have recreated the neighborhood café and market of years gone by, and we cordially invite you to visit.