Phone: (205) 791-7711
Address: 4105 Crosshaven Drive


El ZunZún is an authentic Latin American Restaurant nestled within an exciting new development in Cahaba Heights. Owned by well-known restauranteur in Birmingham. The hummingbird, or "el zunzún, as Cubans call their local species, is the tiniest Central American ambassador. Inspiration for this restaurant came as we contemplated the 1,000-mile journey hummers make each year, sampling local flavors as they go. What better way to honor them and highlight their ecological significance than to serve cuisine based on their migratory path?

Our vision for El ZunZún is to create a place as inviting as the kitchens of the abuelas we've learned from—a place where people are reminded of the importance of slowing down to observe nature's lessons (while enjoying an authentic tortilla, of course!). If you follow the flight of the hummingbird, you'll land at El ZunZún in the heart of Cahaba Heights. We're serving up authentic Latin American cuisine, freshly- sourced and full of flavor.

Come see us for a casual, neighborhood dining experience—and bring amigos!