Thankin’ our sponsors

Established in 2002, The Birmingham Originals is comprised of over 30 of Birmingham’s finest restaurants, who believe that an energized and independent restaurant community makes our city a better place to live - and not just because of the food. The dollars spent in local restaurants stay in Birmingham, providing economic growth, which, in turn, allows local restaurants to support, among other things, vital local charities and cultural programs.

Breakin’ Bread, Alabama’s premier food, wine and beer festival, is an incredible way to reach a burgeoning and vibrant segment of the Birmingham community. If your organization would like to market to and interact with lovers of food and lovers of local, there is no better sponsorship opportunity in Alabama to help you achieve your objectives. Named by the Alabama Board of Tourism as a signature experience for “The Year of Alabama Food,” counted as one of the top 10 attractions in Alabama and most recently named among the 21 best food festivals in North America by Flight Network, Breakin’ Bread offers both a diverse and extensive audience to whom your business can gain valuable exposure.

Alabama’s local flavor festival would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and partners – those who have been with us from the start as well as those who are new to the Birmingham Originals family. We can attribute many successful years and festivals to these dedicated partners and supporters. We could not have done this without your generosity and unwavering support. From the bottom of our hearts – thank you kindly, y’all.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for Breakin’ Bread, please click below to view our current sponsorship package. We are also happy to work with you to tailor a sponsorship geared toward your particular marketing goals and objectives. To discuss sponsorship opportunities in further detail please contact Deanna Jones by sending an email to