Board of Directors

Chris Vizzina

With an Italian heritage as strong as his passion for healthy food, it is no wonder that thirty-nine-year-old Chef Chris Vizzina has risen quickly to become the Executive Chef and President of Campus Dining, Inc. Headquartered at Samford University, Campus Dining manages food service operations at multiple sites across the Southeast, serving a combined ten thousand mouthwatering meals each and every day. Chef Vizzina has been nominated on two occasions for the Silver Plate Award, a prestigious honor of national renown in the food service industry.

And service is exactly where the Chef finds his greatest calling. Among many other duties, he serves as a director on the Board of Birmingham Originals, as an ambassador to The New England Culinary Institute in Vermont, as an adjunct professor of nutrition and health at Samford University, and as a consultant to Jones Valley Urban Farms, who recently nominated him as a Champion for Health in Birmingham. Perhaps Chef Vizzina's greatest community contribution has been his adoption of Homewood City Schools as part of the First Lady's Chefs Move to Schools initiative.

With regular appearances on several networks and frequent guest lectureships, Chef Vizzina works tirelessly to educate present and future generations on the unmatched benefits of healthy cuisine inspired by local flavors. For more information on his efforts, you may contact the Chef directly at